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3S  Safety offers assistance in a few different areas.  All of which involve practical information, as well as practical demonstrations.

Below you will find information about our Training, our Train the Trainer  Program, and our Consulting programs.

We are always here to help with any questions you may have.

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Training with 3s

Experienced and Practical

At 3S  all of our instructors have working expericence with the equipment in both roles; as workers and Managers/Supervisors. 

We understand the challenges in today's workplace,  which is why we understand the importance of your team getting accurate information. We do not believe in standing still and reading slides, we take a hands on approach. Our programs focus on getting workers back to work as safely and quickly as possible, with  necessary real-world knowledge and skills.


3S  will personalize your training experience, through the inclusion of your established policies, procedures, or other workplace specific elements. We strive to build programs that are simple, relatable, and relevant. Customization isn't a special feature, it is a standard. 
Our goal is to ensure inclusion of all those involved, while providing the most relevant real-world experience. 
No extra charge for this service. course training courses Training in Ontario

About our Prices

We strive to keep our costs down, which allows us to provide lower costs to our clients. 

We offer a variety of workshops and training sessions, all of which may be cutomized to meet your specific needs.

Train the trainer

Think you have what it takes to be a trainer?

Are you an experienced worker, supervisor, or a safety representative that enjoys helping others? 

Are you looking to learn a new skill?

Let us help guide you on leading your own training sessions. 

Our trainers are proven leaders in the industry. We want to equip you with the tools necessary to create a great learning environment.

How the process works...

Our Trainer Day  is designed to teach you the skills to manage resources, set training goals, and execute those goals. The topic-specific training modules are designed to provide the participants with the knowledge and skills required, to perform the work successfully. We will explore the subject, and teach you how to prepare and deliver your session like a pro. 

Program Building and Review

Our experienced staff will work with you to assist in the creation and design of custom courses. We want to ensure that you have the skills to teach others, and to be comfortable in doing so.

This comes to you at no extra charge.

We Create TRAINERS for real world challenges!

At 3S,  we provide support even after you have completed the program.

Need an opportunity to practice? We can help!

We host training workshops for you to practice, and work with other trainers from various industries. 

All workshops are FREE for registered clients. Contact the office for details.


Occupational Safety Needs

3S  is equipped to assist with any occupational health and safety needs. We can conduct gap analysis to identify any weak points in your organizatinal safety program. 

We can prepare you for various industry audits, such as ISO and COR.

Our Focus

Our focus is to assit your workplace in achieving its goals, in a way that is simple, sustainable, and safe. 3S  wants your organization to learn how to be self-sufficient. We strive to build a health and safety culture, that compels individuals to care for their workplaces and eachother.

Health and Safety can be Daunting on Onset

3S  understands that the health and safety process can be daunting at the onset. We will guide you in the process, and assist you in the implementation of your program.  

We offer complete Health Safety Management Systems. Our clients can always register for our free workshops, and work with other safety proessionals to build tools/programs to assist with the daily challenges of work.